Bootleg Ball
Bootleg Ball - 08 Feb 2019
Imagine the best party weekender ever... Well stop dreaming and make it a reality on this epic Bootleg Ball Weekender!

This weekend is dedicated to the un-sung heroes of Live Music Weekends- our awesome tribute artists. And for 3 nights we'll be bringing you and your friends a shamelessly awesome, all-singing, all-dancing party weekend like you've never experienced before. This break is fancy dress friendly, so get busy planning your outfits!

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The Beatles Experience
Rolling Clones
Jean Genie
The Jam'd
Copycat Killerz
Foo 5ighters
Kings of Lyon
Bon Giovi
The Beached Boys
Who's Next
Vogue - Tribute to Madonna
Abba Rival
Bootleg Blondie
Freddie in concert
Hamilton Browne as Lionel Richie
Andrew Browning as George Michael
Michael Jackson Legacy
Chasing Mumford