The Weekends
A Butlin’s Live Music Weekend is a great getaway for you and your friends to relax, have fun and enjoy good music and good times. Our Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness seaside resorts play host to a range of three night weekenders that cater for all musical tastes. Think of us like a boutique festival (but with comfy beds, hot showers and no mud or rain!). As there are so many acts to see on all of our Live Music Weekends, we host live performances simultaneously across multiple indoor venues.

Our Live Music Weekends

Our Live Music Weekends are where you and your friends can enjoy everything from Pop to Disco to Smooth Soul. Our themed breaks all feature original acts, great live performances and a wonderful atmosphere.

Our Specialist Music Weekends

We are proud to present an array of Specialist Live Music Weekends, Arena Shows and major Sporting Events at Butlin’s. Our specialist music weekends include Rock, Blues and Folk Festivals and the PDC Darts Finals.